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Coming out

Name: Bastian but my friends call me Baz

Age: 27

Originally From: Sin City Nevada

Marital Status: Free as condom at Planned Parenthood

Sexual Preference: what I am in the mood for it varies like my shade of nail polish

Demeanor: Bon vivant

Occupation: Club owner

Hobbies: Drag, men women, dancing, make up,

Some of My Likes: a full mouth * laughs * I like to live it up plain and simple if you keep me entertained I shall return the favor in ten fold.

Some of My Dislikes: Homo-phobs that think we have a hidden agenda. I just like to suck cock * fixes my lipstick*

Which of the 7 deadly sins (lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth, greed, pride, envy) do you feel best describes you? Why? I am all of them I am prideful and greedy. Feel the wrath of a fag in Drag. It is vicious. I believe nothing should be done in any form of reservation so excess is my golden rule of thumb. I live breath and feed on Sex. And I envy those with more than me *smirk* I get what I want and take what I am given

AIM Sn: draggin bas
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