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Wow. Did it all by myself too!

Name: Julian. See that? AN. Not 'Juli'. Not 'Jules'. JuliAN. Remember it.
Age: 20
Where are you currently staying?: Like it's really any of YOUR business, but a nice little secluded room..someplace..for now..
Originally From: California. I mean, phsaw, where else would I be from?
Marital Status: Free as a dove.
Sexual Preference: Whoever has big bucks.
Demeanor: Hm...Snobby, proud, playful at times, temperamental.
Occupation: Playboy, if you get it. If you don't, your loss!
Hobbies: Anything shiny.
Some of My Likes: I like people with a lot of wealth, be it in assets, gold, silver, precious jewels, whatever. Good looks are also a plus, as is dark hair, but they're not all that necessary.
Some of My Dislikes: Bums
Which of the 7 deadly sins (lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth, greed, pride, envy) Uhm....I dunno! Maybe greed? Not that I think I'm greedy, but people have called me that before!
AIM sn: DarkenedNimbus
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